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Isa Ottoni

Fantasy writer and short story teller

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Isa Ottoni (she/her) writes fiction with a spark of magic and fantasy with a spark of reality. When Isa is not writing, she is teaching and putting her PhD in food consumption sciences to good use, even though she would much rather be writing or reading about — you guessed, magic. She believes fantasy is what makes life fun, and that is a hill she is ready to die on. Isa was born and raised in Brazil but moved to Portugal seeking a new adventure. She lives with her incredibly supportive husband and their dog, a mischievous little mutt who thinks himself the king of everything that light touches. Isa doesn’t have the heart to contradict him. Say hi to her on Instagram at @isa.ottoni.writes.

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Stay Tuned

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We will work together to share each other's content, set up follow trains and help reach the people who want– no, NEED, our stories in their lives!

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Published work

Looking for something to read?

Check out my published work!

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Isa is currently unmanaged, unrepresented, and unrealistic hopeful that could change at any moment.

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